Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Diary of a Club Promoter!

At the time of writing this piece there is only 11 weeks until Christmas and 12 weeks until the most overrated party of the year, New Year Eve!

I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone already, it only seems like yesterday when I was dressed like a goblin for last year’s Halloween monster ball and here is it again, my fake blood and my elf hat are being dusted off ready again.

Halloween in my opinion has to be the best party of the year. It always amused me when we hold a really exclusive party and everyone is dressed up in blood and has fake guts coming out there faces and yet they are still being denied entry for wearing shoes!

Aside from this there is a real atmosphere and less pretentiousness (once you make it past the velvet rope!) when you have a bogey stuck to your cheek and everyone just gets together and has a good time like the olden days.

Fancy dress parties are hard to come by these days and very rarely do I get invited to one, I suppose the king of fancy dress parties goes to Philip Sallon who to this day holds the most flamboyant parties even Elton John would feel out of place at. I have been fortunate to attend some of these parties and the theme I have been informed of have included: Illegal Immigrant, Bad Taste, Blue and dictators!

I suppose the reality is certain clubs have an “image” to maintain but if it were up to me everyone could party as a chicken if they wanted too.

I have been busy partying with various celebs right through alphabet from A-list to Z-list this month namely Usher being the main man where I caught up with him after his X-factor performance at Boujis on Sunday. He is in town with Kanye West and P-Diddy will be down at the end of the month after performing in Glasgow.

Most fun though has to go to Brian and JJ from Big Brother who turned No5 Cavendish Square into a rave wearing big luminous specs and ordering massive bottles of Moet! I am also organizing Ben from this year’s Big Brother (the really posh one!) who will be holding his very own flamboyant eccentric party at the club towards the end of the month so watch this space, this could very well be the opportunity for me to get dressed up I have been waiting for! Be sure to not find any pictures in upcoming issues however...

If anyone is holding a fancy dress party this month then please send me all your pictures and I will try and feature you in next month’s issue for the best outfit!

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