Thursday, 25 April 2013

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Movida is one of London’s most exclusive venues, if you manage to blag your way past the velvet rope and into this A-list club you are in for an experience you won’t forget.

As soon as you arrive at movida you will notice a secuiry team that you could only expect to be protecting one of the royal family. Movida gives of an image of exclusivity right from the word go.
If you are lucky enough to be able to afford one of the VIP tables in the club then you will be waved through and one of the model door hostesses will take your jacket and guide you to one of the many tables in the club.

There is always a group of paparazzi waiting outside Movida and more often than not some of the biggest stars in music and television descend onto Movida and party. Movida is frequently in the papers for hosting some of the biggest and most glamorous parties in London.
The club had a bit of downtime over the winter of 2012 and after what was widely touted as being a £2 million pound refurbishment the club now divides itself into two sections. Movida which is the most recognizable brand (the nightclub) and Mood which is a luxurious bar/lounge for those that wish to take some time out from the nightclub and enjoy one of the exclusive cocktails on offer at Movida.

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