Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Mahiki Nightclub

MAHIKI nightclub London is i suppose you could call a tropical bar is probably the best way to describe Mahiki Nightclub. Walking in to Mahiki nightclub will be sure to brighten up even the dreariest of days in London. With some classic music from early 80s right through to current chart hits you can whisky yourself away to a beach in the carribean whilst being firlm sat at one of the exlcusive table within the heart of Mayfair. Mahiki is guaranteed to make you feel in the most exotic of moods with a fabulous selction of cocktails on offer Mahiki is the best environment to party in and you will be sure to warm up one you have sampledone of Mahikis famous fishbowls or treasure chests! Once you step into Mahiki you will be instantly transformed into a tropical world which is finished of with a Tiki lounge bar which serves up a selection of Mahikis own cocktail creations. The lighting in Mahiki is lush and dimly lit giving a romantic setting a perfect place to spend the evening with you partner or on a date. It may even feel like you are on a tropical island on holiday rather than at an exclusive mayfair nightclub. Mahiki is everything you'd expect: blindingly high-profile patronage, a ill-famed door policy, eye-watering costs, UBER-famous parties, ANd an overall flashiness. What you will find yourself forgetting, though, is that this bar has conjointly got a fun Tiki theme to lighten things up. Save up, dress up, bring friends and experience one ofthe foremost exclusive venues in London.


Mahiki Nightclub

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