Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Ashley Cole's moved on?!!

Chelsea and England Footballer, Ashley Cole meets up with two mystery girls to attend a beach party in Los Angeles. After a quick drink and smoke in the parking lot the quartet headed for the party. Almost 8 hours later Ashley and the two girls left the party only to cruise around in a cycle taxi. Los Angeles, CA, USA. 04/07/2010

Ashley Cole is obviously making the most of his summer break in LA at the moment, over the last few days the Chelsea star has been spotted spreading his “love” *shudders* with a variety of beauties, such as he was last night when we caught up with him riding in a rickshaw back to his hotel with two girls who he’d gone to a party with earlier that evening.

And as Ashley continues to cavort in LaLa land, news has emerged today that the footballer used to have a casino in his old Surrey mansion which he bolted himself in in order to hide from Cheryl’s mum.

Some bloke called David Gillbert, who used to own Cheryl and Ashley’s mahoosive home, said that he once went back to visit his old pad, in order to pick something up, and while there Ashley showed him to the new gambling room he'd had built. Gilbert said:

“At the top of the house was Ashley's gambling den with gaming tables. His football shirts adorned the walls and a marquetry floor had the emblems of the clubs he had played for - England, Arsenal and Chelsea.

"There was a spiral staircase to it, and Ashley said that was where he bolted to escape Cheryl's mother."

Just about everything seems to come back to bite this man on the bum doesn’t it?

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