Monday, 19 July 2010

How to get on the guestlist for top London clubs...?

A large number of people just read about the top London nightclubs in the papers or in the celebrity magazines and assume they would never be able to get into such parties.

However, it's not quite as hard to get into these clubs as they will have you believe. I party every week at the top clubs and always get in with no problems! Follow these pointers and you will be able to get into the exclusive celebrity functions!

Firstly, and most obviously, you need to get your name on the actual guestlist. The old myth used to be you had to "know someone who knows someone" to get you on the guestlist, but these days with the power of the internet it is much easier.

There are many websites where you can browse clubs and submit your names on the guestlist. Just make sure you use a reputable site, such as Velvet PRt, as there are some sites which are clearly out of date and therefore your names won't be sent anywhere.

Also, don't bother with the clubs actual own website as the guestlists are run by the promoter and not the club itself. Therefore, contacting the club directly can often result in the dreaded "sorry your names not down, your not coming in". Trust me, I know from personal experience!

So now your names are on the list but this still doesn't mean you are definitely getting into the club. There are a few key things to do to ensure your entry and a party to remember.

1) Arrive Early The busier a club gets the less people they can let in. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work that out. Arriving early will help you out a great deal with getting into a club and also means you don't have to stand in a que for too long.

2) Make sure you adhere to the dress code All A-list clubs will be very strict on letting in only the people that have made an effort with their dress. If you turn up in trainers and a t-shirt, your chances of getting in will be zero. Dress to impress!

3) Bring I.D All London clubs are now required by law to check each customers I.D on arrival. If you have nothing to hide then bring your I.D to ensure you get in. Otherwise, its simple. "No I.D? No entry!"

4) Don't get drunk beforehand! It might sound good to have a few pre-drinks before you hit the club but nightclub owners are very strict on this as it means you will drink less in their club and maybe even create more trouble for security. Save the drinking till your inside the club.

5) Don't turn up in large all male groups This is frowned upon by security at clubs as they feel large all-male groups can sometimes cause an intimidating atmosphere. If you do have a large group of males that want to go out either persuade some females to come along or book a table area in advance.

So there you have it, if you followed all these tips you should now be in the club ready for a night to remember! Just make sure you have plenty of money as these clubs can cost a bit more then your local. And if you don't have the money? Well then you are in the wrong place!

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