Thursday, 8 July 2010

Top 3 guestlist BLAGS!

You know the situation, you're a little late, your mates are all inside and you're standing, on your tod, outside a club with a long long queue...The 'I'm with the DJ' line just doesn't cut it with the doormen anymore, they've wised up, contrary to appearance. Nothing's guaranteed here, sometimes you get a wise old meat head who's 'seen it all before' and you have to turn round, red faced and walk ashamedly away from a sniggering crowd.

Here's Base London's top 3 blags on how to jump the club queue.

Couple Up

This is a tough one for guys. Generally a group of too many men gets turned away from clubs,
however equal opportunities doesn't apply round here and a gaggle of screaming Doris's can stroll in anywhere. Clubs tend to use the rule, where there's birds there's a crowd. Be cheeky and start joking with the fat one of said group and you'll get dragged right to the front of the queue, once inside ditch her and either crack on with her better
looking mates or simply disappear into the drunken darkness.
Thank God for the Smoking Ban

Due to the smoking ban a lot of clubs have to allow punters to come and go through the front door to get their latest hit of nicotine. In order to recognise the 'anti-social' most clubs brand them with black ink stamps. Smokers usually hang outside clubs in packs. You need to have a small black marker pen handy, befriend the fog laden group of smokers and have a look at their stamp, replicate it on your own hand and then walk back in with them.
Press them

Try the press approach, clubs generally allow free entry to journalists on assignment. Approach the doorman and rather than claim that you're from a big magazine, tell them that you work for a local student magazine or radio station and are
researching the local nightlife. Clubs are generally gagging to get publicity, especially amongst the student population, and if you can get past the ID issue, say 'oh my god! I think I left it at the station' (use the best drama skills you learnt at school) you should be on for a good night and possibly a few free beers if they're desperate.

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