Wednesday, 7 July 2010

That'll Teach YOU!!!

Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays seen at the May Fair Hotel in London, UK. 01/07/2010

Frankie Sandford was walking along the street in Mayfair last night minding her own business and aside from having her bra on display she wasn’t really offending anybody.
But then a Big Issue seller approached The Saturdays singer and asked if she’d like to buy a copy. Frankie was more than happy to oblige, she whipped out her purse, produced a five-pound note and handed it to the man.

Are you still with us? Are we boring you? Don’t worry it’s almost over…

After she’d given him the money the Big Issue seller refused to give Frankie his final copy of the mag and he even tried to claim the money she gave him was fake, cheeky or what?

Frankie looked bemused and a little embarrassed before deciding to cut her loses and leave the man to it - That will teach her to do a good deed eh!

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