Thursday, 8 July 2010

Baseline after-party at Molton House

We rocked up at Molton House, a short hop from BAFTA, and joined the party. The bass lines rocked the house at the Baseline after party as the crowd danced the night away. I made my way from the dance floor up the stairs checking out each bar and backroom. From the neon lights of the basement club to the velvet walls of the private bar past VIP rooms where those whose influence extends from music to film through international distribution to high finance where champagne was on tap and deals were brokered with a simple nod or a smile into the leather lace up boot interior of the final room where the suggestive d├ęcor added the sense of hedonism and intoxication.

On all floors and in all corners of the club the scene was a joyous as the cast and crew celebrated their hard work with beer and wine, champagne and cocktails and partied ‘til the crack of dawn. Beautiful models draped themselves on the alpha male actors, musicians, movers and shakers of the London arts scene.

Finally the revelers emerged from the bright lights of the dance floor and atmospheric and beautifully designed bars and backrooms of one of London’s most exclusive clubs blinking in the early morning dawn light of an uncharacteristically warm summer morning to make their way back through London’s streets back to their places of abode, paparazzi cameras still flashing as the stars headed home.


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