Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Introduction to Club Promoting

A nightclub promoter is a guy or girl who gets people to attend parties. These events can be at bars, nightclubs, concerts, festivals, or private parties. Club promoters are also called party promoters. Nightclub promoters advertise and promote their events in many different ways, to get as many people to show up as possible.
First off, the job of a club promoter is really one of the best jobs there is.
You meet all kinds of people, tell them about great parties, party with them all the time, and get paid well to do it. The job isn't for everyone though. It entails staying out late on the weekends whilst being the center of attention. But if you go out all the time with your friends anyway, why not make a living or earn a bit of extra cash doing it?
Nightclub promoters normally get paid per person they bring to an event. Because of this, nightclub promoting can be a great way to earn some extra money if you can get a bunch of people to show up at events. For example, if a club is paying you £5 - £10 per person that you bring to their party, getting 20 people to show up will earn you a cool £100- £200. If you are a friendly and outgoing person, it is pretty easy to get 20+ people to come to an event. If you are really good at it, you can make a great full time living doing it!

Club promoters use many different tools to get people to their events week after week. A combination of email lists, text messages, active networking, and other tools like MySpace & Facebook can really get the word out about your party.
Nightclub promoting can be an extremely fun and rewarding career for certain people. It's not the type of job that is widely known about either. If you have good business sense, love to party with people, and have a creative side, it can be a dream job.
Tips for Nightclub Promoters:

Tip #1 Customer Loyalty is everything for a nightclub promoter. Once you've made a name for yourself and have a large group of people that come to your parties all the time, make sure you take care of them. If you take care of your customers, they will keep coming back. It is much easier to keep the same people coming back to your events than to spend money trying to attract new customers. One thing I do to keep my customers happy is to give free drinks for the people that come by my events the most. If you regularly see someone at your parties, and they always bring a bunch of people with them, make sure to take care of that person and frequently give them drinks and get to know them. Keep that person loyal to your parties, and you'll get more great "word of mouth" advertising, which is the best kind.

Tip #2 As a nightclub promoter, do everything in your power to get girls to attend your events. Once you have a large group of women coming to your parties, the men will follow automatically.

Tip #3 Hire a good photographer to take nightclub photos of your parties. Do this at every event, and post the photos online for people to see later. Every nightclub promoter should be doing this all the time. Party people love to go online Monday morning after a crazy weekend and see themselves out having fun. They share the photos with friends, and this gets more people interested in your parties. Make sure your website or logo is on the photo as a watermark too. It's great advertising. Humans are very visual creatures. Feed their visual senses and personal egos and they will keep coming back again and again.

Tip #4 Create a website and a Myspace page devoted to your club promoter business. Even if you’re just starting out you can create a website and a Myspace page to show potential clients the type of person you are. After you promote a few clubs you can begin updating your page with pictures from those events.

Tip #5 Work your way up from the ground level. No one can expect to start making money as a club promoter without first putting in some time and effort. That means you need to start out at any job in PR you can find, even if it doesn’t sound glamorous.

Tip #6 Make as many friends as possible, including some celebrity friends. While it’s nice to get celebrities to drop by your favorite parties and events, it’s not always possible especially if you live in a smaller area. The more friends and acquaintances you have though, the more people you can invite to parties.

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