Monday, 19 July 2010

Celebrity Fight Night Round 3...

That delicate of flowers, Charley Uchea, has been in a fight. Can you imagine why anyone would fall out with such a delicate bloom? Okay, probably most people!

There she was, Charley Uchea that is, leaving a London nightclub and then through no fault of her own (obviously) she became involved in a catfight.

One version is that Charley was minding her own business and was walking past a group of girls and they began to make remarks about her - then the trouble began!

Suddenly all hell broke loose, there was a fight between Charley and another girl and our heroine was on the floor and yelped as her hair was being pulled. Finally two brave men stepped in and Charley got to her feet screaming and shouting and had to be dragged away.

Her friend said, "It was really nasty and an unprovoked attack. They just jumped on her. One of them said 'let's do her'. She doesn't want to involve the police." Mmmm, wonder why?

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