Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Phantom Hugger!

It has been a very strange month; World Cup fever has most certainly brought London to its knees! Nobody can be bothered to work, everyone is drunk and I find myself having a strange affection for South Korea...

I have remained strong however and although I am currently sipping a cold beer I am pleased to bring you my diary for this month! Probably the most star studded event this month was the “Baseline Film Premiere afterparty” which was attended by the Saturdays, Gemma Atkinson, Louise Glover and Plan B at private members club Molton House, Gemma seemed very close to Rick Parfitt Jn and left holding hands so watch this space...

My favourite encounter this month however was being hugged by “The Phantom Hugger” as she is notoriously known. You will often see her standing outside The Mayfair Hotel looking for any celeb to get her arms around. I feel very privileged to be hugged as previous “victims” include; Katie Price, Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell, although to be fair I did have to ask for mine!

Surprisingly I spent more in the bar than it cost for the whole room! Surely that can’t be right?!

The most Z-list party this month has to go to Greedy Mo from last year’s Big Brother’s birthday party! It is a very tough time for clubs at the moment if they need to resort to using this as a plug! Saying that I felt I had to go and attend it for all the readers in London and I have thought long and hard about the best way to review this event and I think I have come up with one word that can accurately describe the whole experience for you... “poo”.

I will no doubt come across this years Big Brother contestants on the club scene when they leave as they frequently turn up at posh clubs to try and make the most of the fame but I know I can find a safe haven in Chinawhite as they have official banned all Big Brother contestants from going in! It is great to see a club take such a stance as I could not think of anything worse than sharing a Vodka and Red Bull with Shabbys sweaty bum marring the taste.

The beer is now finished and I do hope you have enjoyed this month’s column, I do appreciate feedback and if you know of any events that you want me to attend then feel free to get in touch and I will make an appearance!

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