Monday, 19 July 2010

Drunk Celebs,,, Keifer Sutherland!

“24” star Kiefer Sutherland is no stranger to alcohol abuse or alcohol-related incidents that end up with him being shamed in the media because of pictures showing him in a worse for wear state. However, until not long, it was believed he had overcome his addiction and gotten his renowned famed temper under control. The other night, Kiefer proved he’d done neither, as he was escorted shirtless out of a London club, The Sun informs.

What’s even worse than the report that the hellraiser star caused a ruckus on a night out is the fact that The Sun even has pictures to prove it. Ironically enough, only hours after being literally carried out of the club, “poured” into a taxi and then off to his hotel, Sutherland was on Jonathan Ross talking about his latest movie, “Twelve,” and looking as if nothing had happened the night before.

The star ended “up shirtless in a tussle with Stringfellows security,” The Sun says of what it describes as “the longest night of his drinking life.” “Sutherland, described by onlookers as ‘absolutely screamingly paralytic,’ was even put in a headlock by bouncers as he lashed out. The 43-year-old actor, born in the capital, is spotted outside The Covent Garden Hotel Bar before meeting a pal. Two hours later he is seen with five empty wine glasses on his table and heard ordering more,” the tab goes on to write.

The star then left for a nightclub, which he would leave a few hours later, much against his will and with the help of bouncers instead of on his own feet. “He went bananas, shouting nonsense and dancing like Peter Crouch before kicking off when asked to leave,” says an eyewitness. “Bouncers hustle him from the premises after a reported bust-up, exposing his tattooed torso as they muscle him to his car. Grim-faced security guards finally seem to have him under control,” The Sun informs, giving an exact timeline of the events.

At a quarter to 4 in the morning, the bodyguards get Kiefer into a car and on the way to his hotel. 15 minutes later, the star is seen giggling and taking a drunken stumble outside the hotel. Stringfellows addressed the incident on its official website, saying the star was not thrown out of the club, but rather “helped to his car.”

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